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About Nan Siemer, President and Owner of BREAKERS consulting and training services.
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Negotiation Training

Negotiation Training is available at your organization.

Nan Siemer can draw from personal experience as she helps you negotiate a better future for yourself.

It's common for broadcasters to change jobs--frequently! Nan knew that when she decided to become a news broadcaster. Yet, she soon realized transitions were not always as profitable for her as they were for some of her colleagues.

Nan couldn't find any role models to teach her how to become a better negotiator. In fact,

Negotiation training session.
she was shocked when some of her mentors told her they never negotiated, because they always felt lucky to have a job.
Negotiation training session.

Nan searched for the answers, shared her findings with family and friends, and the results were amazing! Attributing her success to Nan's advice, one friend increased her salary 66% in two years. Meanwhile, Nan was using her new found techniques to improve her own salary, benefits package, and working conditions.

In January of 1992, Nan decided to capitalize on the demand for her services. She turned her knowledge into a business, and BREAKERS was born!

Today, Nan speaks to a wide variety of government, business and professional groups about negotiating in the workplace. She also consults with individual clients.

Nan has also had several articles published on the topic of negotiation. She knows the skills it takes succeed. Most importantly, she says those who get the best business opportunities know how to "play the game." And Nan has become a champion!


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  • Influencing Results Through Workplace Negotiations
  • Negotiation for Bank Lending Officers
  • Negotiating in the Workplace


Learn how BREAKERS can ensure your success through training in Negotiation, career transition, and communications and media programs.  BREAKERS is based in the Washington D.C. area and conducts training sessions Domestically and Internationally.
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