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About Nan Siemer, President and Owner of BREAKERS consulting and training services.
Nan Siemer, Pres
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 Career Advancement

Career transition and career strategy training available at your organization.




Nan Siemer had a lot of practice getting promoted and changing jobs during her 15 years as a News Broadcaster. She spent most of those years in the radio news business, where she moved up and moved on to advance her career.

With few dysfunctional workplace episodes she had not personally experienced, Nan decided to share her knowledge with others who face promotion into management or a job change. As the owner of her own company (BREAKERS), Nan utilizes her interviewing, networking, resume writing and negotiating skills to help others achieve smooth and profitable job transitions. In addition, she helps clients improve their leadership skills as they struggle to motivate and inspire their staffs.

As someone who started her own company, Nan also helps those with the entrepreneurial spirit who want to strike out on her own. She assists and trains individuals and groups from the private and government sectors, helping each person achieve his/her own professional goals.

Developing career advancement skills takes education and practice, and Nan has had plenty of both!

Recent career transition training.

Students in a training session.

Career Development Training


  • Leading Productive Meetings
  • Managing Difficult People and Workplace Situations
  • Group Dynamics: Inspiring Success
  • Group Dynamics
  • Reactive/Crisis Management
  • Fundamental Skills of Managing
  • Strong Leaders Are Effective Facilitators
  • Utilizing USIA Products and Services
  • Effective Facilitation Skills
  • Supervising in an Electronic Age

Job Search

  • Skills Assessment and Accomplishments
  • Targeting the Job Market
Learn how BREAKERS can ensure your success through training in Negotiation, career transition, and communications and media programs.  BREAKERS is based in the Washington D.C. area and conducts training sessions Domestically and Internationally.
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